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In loving memory: Leo Wols passed away on 26 August 2022. 

Crewservice Wols was founded in 1978 by Leo Wols, Taxi Wols known in Rotterdam Shipping. Leo had large customers and a wide network. Has founded several taxi companies with partners and has worked with many taxi drivers.


In 2016 his company was taken over by his son Raymond Wols. Leo taught him the trade, was a sparring partner until the last moment. But above all, he was a loving grandfather, whom we will miss so much.


Newsletter december 2020 D4U

Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management

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“I also work from home most of the week. The best we can do, also for the economy, is to get the virus under control. I see with sorrow how companies like Driving4u bear the financial consequences. It is also hard for the port, hotels, agencies and shipping companies. Through the support packages, the cabinet is doing everything in its power to guide companies through this difficult period.


“Feyenoord? Well. I miss it very much. I can't get used to the canned sound on TV. And I miss the people around me in the profession. Although compared to the misery of people who are ill and people in healthcare, of course, peanuts. ”


Cora van Nieuwenhuizen Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management

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Newsletter October 2020 D4U

Barbara Kathmann, Alderman Rotterdam for Economy, Districts and Small Centers


In Rotterdam we are not only proud of our port. The port is in our DNA and is good for many thousands of jobs. I think it's amazing how it is freight transport in the port has been able to continue in recent months and how many companies, large and small, roll up their sleeves in Rotterdam have made an effort to keep afloat with creative ideas.

But for service providers in passenger transport, including you, came the things to a stop. Rolling up your sleeves and getting stronger was not an option, because in your industry is an unprecedented silence. Yet I also see you with might and main does what is possible to end this intense time and as soon as the weather is possible, to start running. I have a deep respect for that. You represent the famous Rotterdam mentality of not shit, but brushing.

Nevertheless, the coming months will remain exciting and challenging. We need one more time and no one knows how long. We cling to hope and perspective. The Municipality of Rotterdam is doing everything it can to create that perspective offer. Under the name Rotterdam. Stronger Door, we continuously work on large ones and small measures to help the city and port get through the crisis as well as possible to drag. Just like you, we do not look at what is not possible (anymore), but at what is and is possible at the same time working towards a speedy recovery of our economy after the crisis. We have already started doing this: we invest and we innovate out of the crisis and ensure that the city and port ultimately emerge stronger from this. We do not do this alone, but together with the city.

The gigantic job engine that is our port must keep going. The support packages from The Hague help with this and we will remain with the cabinet lobby for support and perspective. In the meantime, the municipality stands Rotterdam ready for you as an entrepreneur. Know the Corona counter for entrepreneurs can be found via We will help you quickly with that all kinds of questions or we will guide you through the many support schemes that are available rigged. You are not alone. I hope together with you that our economy will return soon can run at full speed. That cargo ships, cruises and hotels fill up again so that you can "just" do your work again. Now it hurts, but let's go with it each other ensure that we are ready when the world returns little by little may open. I wish you much strength in the coming period and, above all, a good one health.


Stronger together!


Barbara Kathmann, Alderman for Economy, Districts and Small Centers

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