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Based on long experience ,we offer a wide variety of services.

The 2th generation is running operations of our day-to-day business. 

Crewservice Wols was founded in 1978 by Leo Wols, Taxi Wols known in Rotterdam Shipping. Leo started with one car and brought seafarers from various terminals throughout the Netherlands and abroad. He started with a beeper in his pocket, and when agencies needed him, he would find the nearest phone booth to make contact. 


With time his company got bigger and bigger, he had many drivers driving for him and when the first mobile phone came out, he bought a large phone battery for his mercedes to be able to make mobile calls on the road. Cash to master, dinner with the crew on board, river police, security of the terminals, contacts with porth health center, the most amazing stories about his company he has told.

A captain once suggested in the 80s to take Leo on his boat to Greece. This way Leo could take a vacation. Leo arranged all the paperwork and packed his suitcase. Leo got seasick and at the first stop in the port of Antwerp he disembarked and Leo picked up by a taxi driver. Leo knew he had a love for the seafarer, but would never get on board again. This still characterizes our personal cooperation with agencies, captains and crew members. 

Leo Wols had large customers and a wide network. He has founded several taxi companies with partners some of which still exist and has worked with many taxi drivers. He has helped many taxi companies in this brache that could become bigger partly because of Leo's work. And he thought it was all good, as long as the customer was helped and the work was done. 


Leo's son Raymond started as a waterclerk and then started driving as a driver for his fathers company. He got all the ins and outs and learned a lot.


In 2016 his company was taken over by his son Raymond Wols. Leo was able to enjoy his well-deserved early retirement. Unfortunately for a short time, Leo passed away in August 2022. We still miss him every day. Not only with his knowledge about the company, but especially as a loving father and grandfather.


The daily management under Raymond's leadership, ensure excellent service. The stories from Leo's time are no longer there, but still the beautiful work that we get to do every day. The stories of the seafarers, which they experience. Are also nice to pass on to the third generation Wols.

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